Blue Monday

This is the third time I've tried to post this. I painted it, but the colours that looked pretty on my cintiq looked all washed out ugly on the laptop. Not quite sure how to fix that.


littlebet said…
I, especially, understand your blue monday. I think your entry lovely, Sarah.
Anonymous said…
a sensitive pensive pose

sm canada
Anonymous said…
Could it be color profiles?

I usually turn off all color management thingies, then selectively turn them on to see the effects in the pipeline.

yours is the first work I've actually seen credited with a cintiq--- I'm jealous!!
sarah said…
Thanks! I'll have to check the colour profiles out.

Yeah, the cintiq is very cool. I've wanted on for ages. It's a huge beast though... not all that portable. I was surprised. It looks so dainty on the wacom site.
uuuf, este es increible!!!

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