Yay! I just realized there is a post about my site and blog on the super cool Drawn! site. That means today gets an extra art posted in celebration :)


Tony C. said…
Love the Alice! Could we see a Cheshire Cat in the coming weeks?

Congrats on DRAWN!
Afroman said…
finally a place where i can look at more of ur very inspiring art!
Jessie said…
Oh I love the Alice! :)
Haha - I like how they say on Drawn! that you have talent coming out of your ears. X)
I'll send you an email right now! I've been so busy all week - so much summer school! D:
Toyebot said…
wonderful work! Keep it up!
mauricio salmon said…
you got some really amazing work! very inspirational.
Rich Faber said…
Hi Sarah,

I discovered your work through the Drawn! site, and I really love your work! I'll be checking in often.

Will you be attending Comic-con next month?

sarah said…
Thanks everyone for the very kind comments.

And yes I'll be at the comicon in San D. It will be nice to finally have a website to point people too :)

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