Here's some of the freelance work I did for Zynga Dallas' Castleville game last year. Of all the freelance gigs I've had, this was one of my favorites; nice people, solid pay and fun assignments.

When I first toured the studio, I brought my children with me, then an infant and toddler. It resulted in a harrowing kid-vomit-art-department-greek-yogurt-incident. Super horrifying/embarrassing! It's still amazes me that Zynga wanted to work with me after that, ha ha, but I'm glad they did. It was a great gig.


Krin said…
Castleville is my secret guilty Facebook habit, so I'm glad that I'm supporting an artist whose work I've enjoyed for years. I'll look at these characters way more fondly now too. Great work!
sarah said…
Yay! Thanks Krin! I was actually pretty lousy playing the game. Ha ha. I got so caught up buying clothes for my little person, I kept forgetting to garden, or do anything else. :)
So cute and such great colors! Must've been so fun designing these. :D
Shawn Boyles said…
I've never even heard of castleville. I'm gonna have to check it out now. These are gorgeous.
sarah said…
Thanks Amy and Shawn! These were really fun to design. I'd look forward to each assignment. It's nice when a job comes along that's like that.
manu cassier said…
Really nice charachters, Sarah !
The sketch is beautiful!
Nice one ma'am...GOD! When will my art be as great as yours mrs sarah...!?! I love your art and anytime i go through your art folder on my pc everyday,i get the inspiration to draw,draw and draw throughout the day...i haven't play castleville though,but have caught a glimpse of it online before,didnt know you were involved..i'll be glad if you reply me ma'am(it'll be life-changing for me.lolz) regards to your family...cheers:-)