Medieval Rabbits

My daughter tells me these two are named Briar-Rose and Peachen.


Claudio Cerri said…
I LOVE this rabbits!
Nice rabbits :^) See my medieval mice!
Adam Ford said…
A lot of beautiful subtlety!
Anonymous said…
These are so great! Your daughter picked fitting names =]. They are almost as awesome as your angry bunnies (one of my favorites)!
Hmmmm..yet another great piece of of this rabbit reminds me of Eb in the movie 'hop'
Aaron Ludwig said…
Kids are the authority on naming characters. Awesome sketches!
Adriana Medina said…
that tenderness, are very cute, I love!
Sevaa said…
wow really cool drawings,you really are gifted with such talent.Nice piece of art.Loved it,i wish i can draw like that.

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