Dragon Girl (#6)

More of the Dragon Girl story. Yay for Friday!


i love your work, all of them.
it´s difficult to find a woman like you in illustration blogs...congratulations! some day i´ll learn to draw a little..until then, i´ll visit yours frequently.
S.D. said…
Yeaaah, a new sequel of the Dragon Girl story! Thanks a lot ;)
tom said…
haha...this is totally your writing. I can tell you're having loads of fun with it. I'm actually REALLY curious where this is going.

Looking forward to it!!! Welcome to back to the states!!!
I go to risk a horrible English here!

It is the first time that I visit its blog, for intermediary of a friend, Edde Wagner, I adored its work. is pure magician and fancy!!
mike said…
yay for dragon girl!
Kevin Cromwell said…
Dragon Girl,

She's the cutest little mud pie in the dragon cave! Love the greyscale images.

stephen said…
This is adorable! Love the writing as well.
Vanhoozerbot said…
Love the story so far.
Sweet as pie.

sarah said…
Thanks everyone :) Sorry for the long break in story entries... I'm going to try and keep them every other day.