More digital inking! I found the textures here. Click on her for a much bigger image.


Aaron Ludwig said…
This is really nice. Beautiful work!
Jez Tuya said…
your line work is just amazing! I wish I could put clean lines down when I draw! :P awesome stuff as always
Amazing! You are a great artist.
Emerson Fialho said…
Linda ilustração, parabéns. Gostei da sutileza do desenho e como combinou com a cor verde.

Abração, felicidades e muito sucesso!
k.h.whitaker said…
beautiful, love her expression! Thanks for the awesome texture link.
Sunny said…
Beautiful! You have such a great style.
sarah said…
Hey thanks everyone!

I'm glad I found a quicker way to put some color into my work. I love doing fully rendered paintings, but I don't always have the time to do them. This mix of paint and line seems like a good compromise to me.


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