The Wellington Division - Sequence 29

New roughs! Also, here's my first stab at digital inking, inspired by Tony Cliff's great post on the subject. I'm pretty pleased with it. I have long loved the idea of digital inking... no more scanning and laboriously piecing together images, no more fighting to get rid of all that grey paper texture while retaining fine image detail, and best of all, being able to ink in a forgivable, erasable way.

As I continue to post roughs, I hope I can find the time to paint more individual panels. Working on this one was fun. I'd never thought about how sunburned/tanned Jase would be at this point in the story before.

Here's the original panel.


L Rossi said…
Looks cool! I really like the lighting too!
Lena said…
Whaaaaa, you cant stop now!!!
Virgil said…
hehe, of course digital is The way :P

Your new graphical novel looks fantastic :) and it's not a bad story either ;)
sarah said…
Thanks everyone! :)