The Wellington Division - Halfway!

Sequence 30 is up. Book Three: Slaves, is now complete, which means I'm halfway through posting my graphic novel roughs. Yay! If you are stopping by the blog for the first time and would like to follow along, the beginning of the story can be found here.

I thought this scene when Tyler finds Dennilth would be easy to paint, but I didn't consider what a pain bars are. Thank goodness for layers.


stephen said…
This is beautiful! The lighting is amazing...
sarah said…
All thanks to your clipping plane and layer mask tips, Stephen. :)
Rebecca Aragon said…
I just had to say that I love your work.
I stumbled across your Wellington Division work the other day and really enjoyed reading what you have posted so far. I look forward to the coming sequences!
Your style is just beautiful, I love how you capture so much in such simple lines!

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