Dragon Girl (#5)

Another story page! (Click for bigger images.) Since it's a holiday, I feel like I had a hard time focusing on drawing this properly, but oh well :) It will do for today. Now it's time to go see movies and have fun!

Also, there was supposed to be a post yesterday, I quickly scribbled something as I was running out the door with a casserole and whatnot for Thanksgiving dinner, but then my computer was acting up and I didn't have time to fix things. It was our cat Winter's first Thanksgiving and he responded by not knowing what to do, skittering about our place cooing and generally being crazy. Here is the scribble so you can imagine the ruckus for yourself.


Laura Braga said…
Hi Sarah!
great blog!!!!:)
I love the cat's sketch!!!
I have a cat too and I know what it's mean when they act crazy---he-he-he!!!

great works here!!!

S.D. said…
I'm really glad to discover another page of the Dragon Girl's fairy tale :) You know how captivating your public! In addition, I'm curious to know what's the life of a dragon pair on a day-to-day basis... ^^
It's time to put your blog in my list of favorite blogs!
Anonymous said…
This is blog is the cat's meow - wonderful artwork - and cool dragon story - it's the cat's pajamas...
Breadwig said…
Great expressions on everyone! I'm reading your story as it goes to my 5 year old daughter, but now there may be a 2 week break? Yikes, that's not going to go over well.