Mike Maihack's Cow & Buffalo!

The very talented comic writer/artist Mike Maihack is putting together a collection of his Cow & Buffalo (check em out!) comic strips for publication. Here is some guest art I did for the book!

While you are at Mike's site, be sure to check out all his art and comics. There's a whole slew of cool stuff.


pascal said…
I'm working on one too!
LOVE that one though.
Vanhoozerbot said…
I love how you pushed these guys!
Cool characters from Mike.
Nice drawing from Sarah.

Oscar said…
Ahhh! So cute. I love it and I've never seen Mike's work before. Excellent link.
Ryan Wood said…
Really like their shapes, especially the cow. Mike has some really nice work, thanks for the heads up!
mike said…
YAY! you draw these guys better then i do, sarah! thank you so much! and thank you for all the nice things you said as well.

and thank you for the nice things all of you above me said too. :)
luke said…
Nice nice nice. Not to be too gushy, but you, Mark Behm, and in fact all the guys you're linked to are such a constant inspiration.... please keep it all coming!
sarah said…
Thanks everyone!

And Mike, there is no way I draw them that good :) Thanks for letting me contribute to your book! Yay!
Edde Wagner said…
Great art. It's on my 'favoritos'!
I love this work.
You're an excellent artist!