The Dindle (Part 10)

Thought it was time for another page of the dindle story.


littlebet said…
Sarah - thankyou for not leaving the little Dindle off without a sail- I love today's drawing -just delightful with beautiful colour and contrast....and definitely these drawings should be considered for a children's book. So pretty.
pascal said…
these are absolutely GORGEOUS Sarah!
thank you so much bringing some lightheartedness to our lives!
sarah said…
Thanks littlebet and Pascal! I'm so happy people are enjoying these paintings :)
Jeremy said…
My favorite Dindle painting so far.
The colors = Awesome.

BGOZ said…
Yeah, there is alot going on in this one. Lots of great lighting too. Definately need to publish it.

Alex Fleisig said…
hurray!!! hope is not lost for dindle.
nice painting too.
gasman said…
dang sarah! You're banging these things out daily? in a word - WOW!

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