Fantastic Revisited

And here I thought colouring an existing drawing would be faster than drawing a new one today since I'm in a bit of a rush, so so wrong. Oh well, at least it's coloured now :)


Paul Conrad said…
The color is great. That Susie Storm, sure has an attitude doesnt' she? :)

Anonymous said…
I really love that fire.... wow
Nice job all around.

Unknown said…
haha! this great, it seems like they're all ready to kick some ass, or tackle some homework.
Anonymous said…
Wow, it looks fabulous in color. I hope you sent it to Greg so he can repost it to DG. Still love that Johnny Storm.

sarah said…
Yay! Thanks guys :) I'll be sure to update drawergeeks with the colour one. Too bad I wasn't fast enough to get it done for Friday.
mike said…
oh wow! and i thought just the drawing was great! love this colored version.