Fantastic Four Jr.

Okay I spent a little longer then I should have on this, considering the day of pencilling madness I have ahead of me, but I was having fun. I didn't think I was going to get around to doing a drawergeeks this week either, so hurrah :)


stephen said…
That's awesome! Cool take on the classic. The characters are a lot of fun and I like the fire too. Fun fun!
jeremy said…
Beautiful pencils.
Yancy Street said…
WOW...Sarah, you are kicking my behind!
That is so awesome.... more more!!!
BGOZ said…
Cool. Kids can look real mean can't they? I don't think even Galactus would take on these wunderkind.

Chris Graf said…
nice blog, you've got great designs, and i really like your colord pics.
I Ching San said…
You have a great work,congratulations!
Claudio Cerri said…
Ehi Sara, how are you?
Your versione of the Fantastic 4 is amazing!
Alex Fleisig said…
yay sarah. great ff4 drawing.
there's just one little problem. how will dindle overcome not having a sail? Why are we just leaving him there to fend for himself? A solution must be found.

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