Gypsy Lady

I have to be way stricter with myself. The hour I'm supposed to spend on these blog drawings keep stretching into two or more. Tried to colour this in a new way. I kind of like the effect, but it was pretty tedious to do...


pascal said…
OH WOW!!!!
I love that Gypsi lady!
There is something about ow simple she is, but yet,as so much "depth" to her.

'love it!
Kevin Cromwell said…
At least you're not like me. Gonna spend one hour, spend 5 minutes, then blow off the rest of the day and get nothing done. This Gypsy lady looks good, what was the new technique?

sarah said…
Thanks Pascal and bgoz!

I pretty much amped up the black so much on my line drawing that I can select the lines and colour them. The drawback though, I think, is that the lines loose something along the way. Maybe I need to work at a higher resolution, although I think I was already at 400dpi. Hmm.
Robin said…
Now that you've done it, you know that you can do it again. It looks really nice, the colouring style.

And you'll be faster next time, right? Anyways, I really like the character, and the colours really are a nice selection for her!

love seeing your art!
sarah said…
Thanks Robin! Hopefully it will go quicker next time :)
djw1138 said…
Wow, your art is amazing. I've been checking out drawergeeks for a while, and your pictures always stand out. Your linework is fantastic!

I draw a little bit on the computer once in a while ( if you're interested, I post it all on my blog - ). I know what you mean about taking more time to draw than you intend. I usually spend a few hours on each drawing (the Undo button comes in handy for me a lot).

So yeah, you do really great work. I'll be sure to keep coming back to this site. :)
sarah said…
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sarah said…
Thanks so much djw1138! I'll be sure to check out your blog.

I'm so hooked on the undo button I sometimes forget I can't use it with pencil and paper :)
Cool work on your Blog !!!