Welcome to the world Jack!


Here's a quickly coloured version for a card to send Jack's lucky new Mom and Dad!


Kent said…
Hey Sarah! Is Jack who I think he is? Isn't he a little early? Congratulations!!! (Really cute drawing too!)
tomsaville said…
Did I miss something? Some exciting news maybe?
littlebet said…
So cute - thanks for your very unique welcome to this new very special little guy!
sarah said…
If people are curious, Jack is my new first nephew! He was actually born a little over a week late :)
jeremy said…
Congrats to Jack!
And congrats to Mom, cause carrying a baby
a week late aint no fun. (Says my wife.)

What a cute picture!

When babies come out late, it's because they wanted to become fatter and juicier, basting like a turkey in the oven. Those babies are exquisite! My nephew came out with fat rolls like the Michelin Tire Man. MMMmmm.

Congratulations on being an aunt!

pascal said…
welcome jack
Sam Nielson said…
I like this baby a lot. Love your work!
sarah said…
Thanks guys! I think Jack did benifit from being cooked a little longer... so silly cute. Not the red-potato-scrunched-face newborn lots of babies show up as :)
Carla said…
Hi Sarah
Congratulations with your nephew, saw his pictures and he came out "well done". Loved seeing your artwork here in the Netherlands.

tomsaville said…
Alex Fleisig said…
this is really nice. you should try putting some shading on this one. I think it would add some nice volume to the color.

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