The Dindle (Part 15)

And more dindle!


pascal said…
This one is a cool one.
lot's of details ..
one thing though...the text is a bit hard to read .
I love the phrasing of it though!

what are you going to do with the dindle images afterwards?
are you trying to get it published as a picture book?
Unknown said…
this story just gets better and better. Your story telling ability the style of your work, and design sense is flawless! Always soooo overwhelmingly inspriational comin to you blog! Thanks for sharing
Unknown said…
I don't want to be, you already know: your job it's stunning...

As regard that pages...2 a day.
Bad, but this is the way the usa market works.:-)

Have u a publisher right now?!
Alex Fleisig said…
why doesn't dindle just stay with the bird? where's he trying to get to anyway? the dindle and the bird get along so well. I think they should just be island mates, like roommates, not like mates. mates meaning like buddies. not like... oh nevermind.
Vanhoozerbot said…
Wow... my favorite Dindle panel so far.
Great layout! Cool boat.

Big fan!!

Seo Kim said…
beautiful work! I love your colours.
Hans said…
Awesome blog! I like your style and designs. Really nice colors as well.

Unknown said…
nice! i love the composition.
Chris Gardner said…
The leaf boat is lovely! So whymsical, what a fantastic teeny-tiny world you've created. And I popped by your website which just cements the fact that you're ridiculously good. I have to agree with pascal on the type, it's a chore to read which really pulls me out of the story. But I'm a type snob anyway, House Industries being a type foundry and all. Will this be published? I'll buy it. See you tomorrow.
Breadwig said…
Dindle continues to rock my world! Just beautiful. If you don't get this published, you should self publish it. Rock on.