Merle Scott

Ran out of time, so just a could-be-better quickie for today. Was watching the TCM channel all yesterday while working and one of the movies I saw was "Sorority House" (1939). This lovely lady is a character called Merle who (gasp!) is not asked to join a sorority. She tears off into the bathroom and tries to drink poison. There is a lot of "No Merle! No!", face slapping and crying, but then she's okay. Anyway, I just liked the little random black neck ribbon in her 'hoping for sorority acceptance' dress.


pascal said…
she tries to commit suicide because she doesn't get accepted in a sorority?
how interesting.

anyhow.. nice sketch.
I think I'm starting to understand what makes your art so compelling.
You have that sensibility that is toatlly yours that comes out in your work( I guess you'd call it style).
It's very unique and not overpowering, so you don't get sick of it.
It's like a little spice that you look for.
Very well done.
Kent said…
I love TCM!!! I've never heard of that movie, though. It sounds sort of campy and fun. Beautiful work, as usual.
sarah said…
Thank you Pascal :) I never think I have much of a style, but I guess that sort of thing sneaks up on you when you aren't looking...

I would have to say your spice analogy would apply to your drawings very nicely :)

And thanks Kent too! I'm so turning into a big TCM geek... checking the schedule in the mornings. The other gem from yesterday was "These Glamor Girls" (also 1939) about these girls trying to pick up 'Kingston boys'. It was pretty funny in that the supposedly college age boys were clearly 45 or older :)
Breadwig said…
Ha, Sarah, you've got gobs o' style. Love the black ribbon here, very nice.
Nice works.
Cheers to you,

mauricio salmon said…
i like what you did with the black lace around her neck, it totally adds to the composition. i also agree with pascal, always a treat to look at your work.
christian said…
Very nice!! This drawing really has the look of the great old movies. Awesome work with her dress and details.
milo said…
Awesome work. I especially love her facial expression.;O)
stephen said…
Sarah's internet is currently down. She'll have today's post up as soon as she can. Thanks.
GhettoFab said…
heheh sounds like a fun movie. DRAMA!!! Your lines are always as pristine (sp?) as your colors

Love how dynamic your work is. Weeeee