I had this image in my mind since last weekend while out dancing. Had intended at first to sketch/paint it like usual, but then this different sort of style happened.


pascal said…
is this for the female forum drawing thing again?
it's quite nice.
Vanhoozerbot said…
WOW... wow
Beautifully done.
Great pencil work.

your fan

Maleficium said…
That hair is amazing...I really like your style...I will definitely be checkin in often!
wow youve got some wicked rad stuff here!!! awww so much talent...i need to catch up..

would you care if i linked your blog??
Toyebot said…
Stunning work! Cheers
Howard Shum said…
Cool drawings on your blog!
mike said…
this does nothing but inspire, sarah!

what kind of pencil are you using?
sarah said…
Thanks everyone!

Pascal, nope, not for the drawingboard :) Just me drawing random stuff!

Tyler! I'd love a link! Yay! Thank you so much!

And Mike, it's col-erase blue. That and col-erase tuscan red are my very favorite pencils.
mauricio salmon said…
i like how everything flows well, and the fact that we see her back.
BGOZ said…
Great picture, I love your blue pencil work.

bsteelo said…
I'm feelin this
Kevin Barber said…
you know this painting has a deep meaning for me , interesting !!
Spud said…
wow..lovely fugure work...can I link you to my blog?? Thanks