I really enjoyed reading everyone's posts from yesterday. It was fun to have a bit of a debate. I'm going to ask more questions in the future :)


Anonymous said…
Great Expression, it makes me chuckle. I also like the structure around the eyes, you can see the mass of the eyeball itself.
Anonymous said…
old school buffy. sweet!
pascal said…
is that lestat?
sarah said…
Thanks guys! It's not really anyone in particular.... just a random sketch. I thought of doing a whole little gang of teenage monsters, but ran out of time :)
Unknown said…
Cant believe the dindle is over!!
:( Lovely story sarah.

The mood in this one is FANTASTIC!! Amazing yet again
Kevin Cromwell said…
Excellent. I love the eyebrows.

Little known fact:

Like cats, vampires are often observed watching invisible things (but they can't see them either).

Vanhoozerbot said…
I love this! And the tonal color works so well.
Expression, style, etc... it's all good.

milo said…
Amazing stuff!! Love the previous 1 based off a pic too. You should call your blog...."Nothin But Goodness." Cause it's all good!! heehee Keep up the great work!;O)
Jenna Matsalla said…
He looks like a young Lestat. Love the design. Love the expression :D