The Dindle (Part 16)

The end!

Alex gets 50 points for figuring it out :)

And yes.... next story gets a better font for absolute sure! I kept this one for consistency since I started with it, but yeah, even if I ever print it up, it will get a font change.

No plans for fancy publishing, but probably I'll self-publish it at least for the San Diego Comic-Con. I do plan to put a link on the blog though to an html page with the story in it's entirety. And of course, stay tuned for a brand new story!


pascal said… is true?
it's ...over?


Great story Sarah!
VERY very nice!!
Kent said…
Well, I thought that was going to be the ending too, but I didn't want to spoil it for everyone else!! Ha ha. It is a very sweet ending.
Al Johnson said…
Beautiful colours. Your work is so warm and inviting.
mike said…
i'll be honest, i was skimming through this tale until the story was done. but now that it's over i'm too lazy (or busy) to go find them all! so put them together soon!!! :):):)
Unknown said…
The end of a great story, the beginning of dindle pollenation. Soon all islands will be inhabited by the tiny dindles, except for a small atol to the east. On that atol the lack of preditors will allow the dindles to reach monsterous sizes. European explorers will discover them, and take them back to there daughters as pets. Mistakenly assuming they are a form of rabbit.

Wonderful, can't wait for the next one.

Alex Fleisig said…
I'm sorry if I spoiled the ending for anyone. I used to be a super detective man back when I was 11. Yay for dindle and giant red bird. Lets hope the bird doesn't eat dindle in his sleep.
Ken said…
sarah said…
Thanks everyone! Feels good to have the story complete :)

bgoz.... I love your theory on dindles everywhere. Ha ha, awesome!
Darryl Young said…
Lovely, lovely work up here!
Full of such charm and personality.