Since Halloween is quickly approaching, here's a sketch of the Four Armed Boy. His first appearance was in one of my second year composition/illustration projects. I hope to someday write a proper story about him and the rest of the characters from that project :)


pascal said…
i've never thought of using four arms to do THAT!

awesome as usual.
It's really cool to go away for a week, come back, and see the mini series you already have going on!

awesome work as usual, and, by the way...
your HARRY painting for the Harry Potter on Drawer Geeks is just stupendous!
It's inspiring me to pick up painting( when I get a chance!)
Anonymous said…
I like his dreads and the dark circles under his eyes. Lots of creepy goodness in this one!
Vanhoozerbot said…
Your pencil work is so fun to look at.
Do you have this brown pencil, or is that a
Photoshop color change?

Your fan,

Unknown said…
cool! i'm curious to see what his story is.
Richard Oud said…
Love how his second pair of arms is coming out of his armpits instead of the side of his chest..

Keep them coming Sarah!
sarah said…
Thanks everyone! Yay!

Jeremy, it's a bit of both. I drew it with a brown pencil crayon, but then desaturated in after I scanned it to get the levels right, then re-coloured it brown.

I just realized what is bothering me so much about this, his waist ellipse is going the wrong way and gives the illusion that he might fall backwards. Bad artist me.
PEPE said…
I love this guy!!! great work!!
Unknown said…
I like this one. Simple idea, well executed.