The Horned King

Kevin (bgoz) suggested I draw the Horned King (the villain in The Book of Three) so here he is just in time to be Halloween scary. If this bad guy was after me, I'd run through a dense forest so he'd get his antlers stuck.


BGOZ said…
Awsome. Thanks :). Just think though, he had to go through that fuzzy new antler stage when no one would take his evil seriously. Great job.

Tony C. said…
Very nice Sarah! Although, he does look a bit bored. There must be no one around to kill and/or turn into a legion of the undead. :)
Mark Engblom said…
He's definitely not bored looking. Tired of doorways that are too narrow....but not bored.

Seriously, great stuff as usual, Sarah!

Just out of curiosity, how long did it take you to create this sketch? Was this a character that has long "lived" in your imagination (thus flowing right out of the pencil), or did you have to take a few shots at getting the design you liked? I'm sometimes more interested in the thought process leading up to a sketch than I am the actual sketch.
sarah said…
Thanks everyone! Ha ha... the fuzzy new antler stage would be embarrassing.

Mark, I try to picture stuff in my head before I draw it, just to save some sketching time. But in general it usually takes a couple of messy sketches to get it right.... or right enough anyway. Ha ha.

That being said, most drawings generally turn out different from what I expected/intended. Sometimes that's a good thing, most times not :)
Bruno Werneck said…
very nice stuff Sarah
please keep them coming!
Mark Engblom said…
"Sometimes that's a good thing, most times not."

(Whew) I guess I'm not the only one. ;)
mauricio salmon said…
awesome! this past few drawings really make me want to go and pick up that book.
I've been trying to find The Book of Three to buy,I can find all the others but that one has eluded me,the only time I did see a new copy it was well thumbed and the back cover was ripped.I may just order all 5 books online ! Great piccy's from the Lloyd Alexander stories,I hear they may be making a live action movie series of this tales. Very nice work on your Blog !
sarah said…
I really hope they make a live action movie... that would be so cool :)

I got my yellowy beat-up copy from a used book store, I love the cover though, it's a Jody Lee illustration. She did a whole slew of books in the eighties/mid-ninties. I remember being really inspired by them was I was little.
Homie Bear said…
Ooh cool, the Prydain Chronicles! I haven't read those since I was a kid. My wife read Book of Three to her grade 9 class last year though.
Rene Caballero said…
Nice drawing Sarah! I will color it and send the colored one to you.

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