So as discussed yesterday, here's Rube (Mandy Patinkin) the cool grim reaper from "Dead Like Me". For those of you who may not know this show ( it's worth a watch) you do probably know Mandy Patinkin from his "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die..." days. He's also a former Broadway aficionado and has a lovely singing voice that's worth checking out too.

I think I'm learning when it comes to drawing caricatures, that there's a point where you need to put photos away, or it's hard to get away from all the mundane photo details that may just bog down whatever you are trying to simplify.


mike said…
whoa! that guy sings?!

i've really wanted to catch that show, but i'm scrared hbo will keep me away from drawing too much. i'll have to catch some dvd's.

we just finished entourage season 2. LOVE that show.

LOVE your drawings.
Mette said…
Ooah, nice! I just started watching that show after a friend sent me a CD with the complete first season. I'm now half way through it and I love it! :D Very nice sketch, I simply love your style.
Kent said…
Cool Sarah! It really looks like him. Are you going to color this one?

Yeah, he sings. He starred in Evita and Sunday In The Park With George on Broadway. I've seen him in concert a couple times. Fun, but very intense sometimes.

Oh, and he did a voice in Everybody's Hero.
Anonymous said…
after season 3, I lost interest. Rube is definately one of the more refreshing characters in the series though. And you captured him beautifully. :)
Vanhoozerbot said…
And that face is dead on.



Hans said…
Very cool blog! Lot's of great designs and nice confident lines.

Chris Gardner said…
Great sketch Sarah! I love the way the cloth hangs on the form, it really feels like a nice weighted cloth. That's hard to do!
sarah said…
Thanks everyone! Tom... I didn't know there was a season 3. I thought it was cancelled. Hmm... must investigate.

And Mike, I was surprised too about the singing. If you scroll down the amazon page there are little samples of the songs to listen too :)
Alex Fleisig said…
i wish i liked that show more. it was such a cool concept, with too much cursing. i find the cursing and constant sinicism bewildering. did that sound smart? awesome drawing though... i do love that character.