P.I.B. ...painted #1

Okay, not my best, I know. But I'm doing a bit of an experiment this week... I'm going to paint this drawing everyday for an hour (or less). I know I can paint okay if I spend days on a painting or use some sort of trick, like leaving the lines in on a multiply layer, but I want to be more confident with strait up digital painting. I think the fact that I consider it to be one of my weaknesses is why I generally fail at it.


pascal said…
you're very inspiring Sarah!

I had the idea of doing something like that to.. but never did..
maybe now is the time to do it!
christian said…
Really nice. Love all your designs.
And good idea, though your sense of design and color are awesome.
If you don't mind, I'll link you :)
mike said…
i was just thinking of starting a little bit of experimenting of my own, like five min before seeing this.

thanks for the inspiration!
Alex Fleisig said…
i think this one's very nice. really soft and pretty. good successful experimentationing, sarah.
Vanhoozerbot said…
Sarah is painting!
I think you are off to a fantastic start.
Love the colors.

I too am scared of painting, but I have heard it doesn't bite.

Mark Engblom said…
I hated painting in art school, but now with Photoshop and the ability to keep trying until I get it right (with the handy "multiple undo" function), it's gotten much less scary.

Now if I could only losen up my purse strings and pop for a decent tablet. Mouse painting is like threading a needle wearing mittens.

Great P.I.B., by the way. Looks great to me!
Tony C. said…
This should be a cool exercise trying a new technique everyday! Let us know how you attack each one, if you can.
Lindsay said…
i wish III could fail like this. :)
GhettoFab said…
simply amazing!! Your shapes,colors and the personality you put into your work is astounding!
marcobucci said…
It's looking great so far Sarah. Keep building on it! I'm on the same page as you with this method of learning, too: just jump in and teach yourself how to swim :)
sarah said…
Thank you so much for the encouragement everyone. I hope it doesn't get too boring too look at :)

Christian, I'd love a link, thank you very much :)
milo said…
I think it's awesome! Puss in boots...heehee Anyways, if u think it's a weakness......give it hell!! That's my approach.....that's why I'm all over the place (too many weaknesses) Someday it'll pay off:OP Keep up the great work!:OP
Claudio Cerri said…
You have a GREAT TALENT!

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