Hopefully I'll find the time to paint this sophisticated gentleman for drawergeeks next week. Although it may not be an issue of time, so much an issue of if I can endure how cold the computer/studio room is these days. I've been wearing hiking socks, several sweaters, a scarf, toque and carting a blanket back there :(


pascal said…
What a cool cave man.
I totally hear you about the cold.
It's not that cold in San Francisco, but in my studio, I find myself dressed in three layers of everything AND still getting a runny nose!
Ramon Mejia Jr. said…
What a beautiful drawing. He has so much attitude and character.
Don Murphy said…
Great drawing.

I especially like how his beard seems
to have weight.
Vanhoozerbot said…
Friggin brilliant.

Breadwig said…
He rocks. I hope you can color him. He looks kind of hungry, but not quite sure what that means.
A hard winter, no?
Well..I like this caveman, good character, the deer is fantastic, but specially I love the "SEcret recipe", the soft colors and a very intelligent use of them. His expression too.
saludos from España! Sara

un beso
Unknown said…
Sooooo coool! Great pose and design.. I dont think I will ever get tired of tellin you you rock!
Unknown said…
hahahah, very cool character! the hair is awesome
S.T. Lewis said…
I love the shapes and form of this guy. Great sketch.
Tony C. said…
Really solid structure on an exaggerated form, as always!

P.S. I had to look up what a toque was. You wacky Canadians and your Frenchy-English! :)
mike said…
wow! he is so cool!!! i don't even think he needs color. so just stay warm. :)
Paul Conrad said…
He looks great! I do hope you get to color him, though, 'love your color work!