Hopefully I'll find the time to paint this sophisticated gentleman for drawergeeks next week. Although it may not be an issue of time, so much an issue of if I can endure how cold the computer/studio room is these days. I've been wearing hiking socks, several sweaters, a scarf, toque and carting a blanket back there :(


pascal said…
What a cool cave man.
I totally hear you about the cold.
It's not that cold in San Francisco, but in my studio, I find myself dressed in three layers of everything AND still getting a runny nose!
Ramon Mejia Jr. said…
What a beautiful drawing. He has so much attitude and character.
murf said…
Great drawing.

I especially like how his beard seems
to have weight.
He's a cute caveman! I don't draw men much, so I know mine would/will look like an ugly woman.

I had just set up a little organized area to work in, very excited about it, and it got cold outside. That particular room is just like being outside. So I've been drawing in bed.
Vanhoozerbot said…
Friggin brilliant.

Breadwig said…
He rocks. I hope you can color him. He looks kind of hungry, but not quite sure what that means.
Aurora said…
A hard winter, no?
Well..I like this caveman, good character, the deer is fantastic, but specially I love the "SEcret recipe", the soft colors and a very intelligent use of them. His expression too.
saludos from EspaƱa! Sara

un beso
GhettoFab said…
Sooooo coool! Great pose and design.. I dont think I will ever get tired of tellin you you rock!
joonasjoonas said…
hahahah, very cool character! the hair is awesome
S.T. Lewis said…
I love the shapes and form of this guy. Great sketch.
Tony C. said…
Really solid structure on an exaggerated form, as always!

P.S. I had to look up what a toque was. You wacky Canadians and your Frenchy-English! :)
mike said…
wow! he is so cool!!! i don't even think he needs color. so just stay warm. :)
Yancy Street said…
He looks great! I do hope you get to color him, though, 'love your color work!