Centaurs are fit and they know it.

Every time you see these guys... movies, games, Greek legends... they are always super buff. They must run around the forest all day lifting rocks.

I spent a little more time on the post today because I have really been slacking when it comes to challenging topics. The whole point of starting the blog was to challenge myself and expand my drawing vocabulary. Knowing people are going to look at my sketches makes me nervous, so rather than risk an awful drawing that I have to post so I don't miss a day, I often revert to drawing girls, which is easy I guess because I'm a girl and I know how I stand and move.

Does anyone else have a 'comfort food' drawing topic they try not to draw all the time?


Tony C. said…
I think it's and interesting contrast in that his human half is very angular, while his horse half is very round and plump.

I think my drawing comfort food is penguins, usually the one from Wallace and Gromit's "The Wrong Trousers".
LauraBraga said…
Hi Sarah.
Great sketch. You pensils are soft, i like them.
Grear stuff in your blog.

Jessie said…
I always draw girls for that same reason -- I really need to get around to drawing guys more often. I will do that once I fix my tablet. =] Love the drawing! And thanks for the wonderful email - I'll respond once I finish all my art projects for school. :)
pascal said…
I wish I could draw centaurs that well.
I always loved those creatures, ever since I read my first Piers Anthony book, as a kid.
You are so good at doing animal/humans Sarah.
Tyson said…
Sarah - I just discovered your blog a couple of days ago (found it through Drawergeeks), and I am now a big fan. I spent some time going through all your posts. That was fun because you have a wide range, and it all looks great. (You get nervous when other people look at your art? Pshaw. You're awesome.)

I like this drawing - probably the only thing that doesn't quite work for me is that his upper arms aren't big enough in proportion to the rest of him. On his right arm, flexed back, the top of the bicep should be at least as high as his deltoids. (And the triceps should be about the same size the other way.)

The expression on his face and his pose are perfect - especially with the title. (Is that a Streets reference?)

Cheers from your newest big fan,

tygriffin said…
My "comfort food" drawing has always been horses, probably since I was a tot. :) But, yeah, have to say I also draw alot of girls...er...female characters, too.
Awesome drawing! Since I`m pretty much a bigginer at this I tend to only draw faces because it`s hard for me to draw bodies. But I`m getting out of that comfort zone. It`s deffinalt a challenge. ;)
Dafne said…
Let me tell you this: you rock!! haha.. great sketches, you certainly rock.
Maleficium said…
This is one cocky centaur! lol

I think my comfort food drawing is drawing characters in a standard standing pose because I know those shapes well. I really have to challenge myself to change the perspective and try new interesting poses.
Anonymous said…
I agree with Tyson, his elbows are too small but I love the expression, just right and I could never do back legs on horses so thumbs up.
I found your blog through drawergeeks too, it's now a favourite!
My comfort topic is lilies. No anatomy to speak of, no odd bone structure or face to get horribly wrong. Lovely broken symmetry in crummy black biro all over all my school notes.
AlanaMcCarthy said…
Great drawing (as always)

I think my comfort drawing is cats.. one of those things that I can doodle with my eyes closed. Must be why my first drawing post is all cats.

I want to start painting using dvds as reference to practice the look of different lighting on skin tones. Should be a fun challenge.
Mark Behm said…
It's a rotten struggle isn't it? I say stretch away. Use it as a workout.
mike said…
oh- i'm the same way! i love drawing girls and cute animals with little dotty eyes. i think i pretty much suck at drawing anything else.

though last year i tried to stretch that a bit. drawergeeks has been a big help. i'm a huge superhero fan but never really drew any till then. and my story for parable is all male, baby! (actually, that's a lie. i snuck in a girl towards the end.)

so yeah, it's easy to get stuck in drawing comfort zones, but the rewards for breaking out of them are so much better. this current post of yours is proof of that. i would've thought you were a natural at drawing centaurs had you not said anything. :)
Mish said…
yeah, i definately fall into the cute girl comfort zone as well. we could take over the world in cute girliness, sarah!
Hello Sarah!

I blink, go away for a few months, and BAM! All sorts of goodies on your blog! Awesome. I would've left a comment on the most recent post, but your commentary on this one had me laughing; "They must run around the forest all day lifting rocks." Haha! Hilarious.

I really like the image. I have trouble drawing animals and have ot use reference *constantly* - you'd think by now I'd know how to draw a dog. Or a cat. Or a man. And nothing really stands out to me as anatomically atrocious . I read what a couple of people posted about his arm and I thought, "Blah, blah, blah - whatever. The woman's not trying to draw an anatomy book. If she make a mistakes, let her get it out of herr system and just do it." Take this with a grain of salt, however, since I have no firm grasp of anatomy myself.

I'm a bit sad that we wont be seeing any development stuff from your OGN, but considering it's your process, you've gotta do what you've gotta do.

Okay, long post. Great work. Talk to you later.


Comfort drawing: Old school Cyclops from the 'X-men'. I'm a sad individual.
Peter Walser said…
My comfort food drawing is the caterpillar. They're patterns and the way they look in different positions of the worm body can look so psychedelic.