Daily post?

Early post today since I want to be free this afternoon to go meet my new niece/nephew (?) at the hospital. Yay!

Anyway, here's a small part of a concept drawing I started working on today. I've been feeling a bit hedged in lately by trying to finish decent post-able art everyday in the 60 min I can give myself for the daily blog. I'm debating not necessarily posting daily, but instead posting nicer stuff once or twice a week.

What do people think of non-daily posts with higher quality art?


Yuriko Kinje said…
It is nice to see your finished products (the colouring is coming along quite well!) but I also really enjoy seeing a drawing take shape, as with the few that you've posted in sketch form and then posted again at later stages of completion. So a hybrid notion like this might work well (regular sketch updates, finished peices every once in a while as they get done).
paul bowman said…
I'm sympathetic on the difficulty of finding the daily regimen not entirely practical, and maybe a bit draining mentally — but, speaking as a reader, like the previous commenter am also definitely drawn (!) to the blog for the stuff in process and the partial or more tentative ideas.

Grateful, anyhow, that you're sharing your work in this form — regardless of which way you proceed. (And would bet most of your readers feel about the same.)
mike said…
i find it hard to keep up!

personally, i think it's up to however you feel most comfortable. i'll come visit regularly no matter what you decide. :)

the process posts are nice though. and i tend to really enjoy your "simpler" drawings. but i wouldn't mind some sporadic posting if it meant something worth waiting for. how's THAT for pressure? :D

congrats on the new new niece/nephew! hope the dragons don't whisk them away!
marcobucci said…
Non-Daily posts and higher quality art is no contest to me. That's the way to go (that way nobody takes your blog for granted either)! This sketch has lots of life, especially in the eyes.
Vanhoozerbot said…

I would have to agree that you might start posting "stages" of your work, and not feel that you must finish everything that you show us. I would love to see your fantastic final work, but I would miss the daily goodness that I have grown so fond of. Thumbnails, roughy roughs, scribbles, marker doodles, scratchels, and napkin drawings are all welcome.

You have to be comfortable with whatever the situation may be. I just want to see your work... :)

cdeboda said…
I think there should be room for both the quick, work-in-progess sketches AND final pieces. I personally like seeing the loose sketches or early stages of an illustration (the 'foundation' stuff) but seeing the more polished finshed results is good too of course. No matter what you post or the time frame in which you post...I'm sure your "fans" would appreciate it. Ethier way, it's all nice and high quality!
pascal said…
I would love to see your range.From the concept doodle to the finish piece.
Sometimes, when I see just finished pieces, i tend to forget how much love and talent has gone into it.
Seeing works in progress, followed by the final pieces is a great way to go for me.
Then again, if you had finished pieces everyay, I wouldn't mind at all either

As far as NOT posting everyday.
I think that's totally fine.
Your blog is like your sketch journal.You should feel comfortable with it, don't let it be a hindrance or that thing you HAVE to do.
If you did, you might lose that beautiful spark you have in your art.
That's just my two cents
tygriffin said…
Hey, it's your sketch blog. Post whatever you like that meets the need for maintaining a creative blog of your very own. You know we'll all be back for more. :)
Tyson said…
I do want to take exception with the term "higher quality". All of the things you've posted are high-quality - I love rough sketches as much (sometimes more!) than highly polished and finished pieces.

I'm just a visual arts fan and wannabe painter, but I am a real guitarist, so I'll make a musical analogy. Jimi Hendrix studio albums all tend to be extremely produced - tons of overdubs and effects tweaking, and just doing things that can only be done in the studio. His live albums are extremely raw - just a classic power trio playing their hearts out.

They're both great - sometimes it's cool to hear Jimi layer six guitar parts in the studio, and sometimes it's cool to hear him make the same song work with one guitar live. In the same way, your 'finished' pieces are cool, but your sketches are just as cool, and not lower quality. They're really just a different expression of the same piece.

So, if you go to just occasional posts, I still hope that some of them are sketches, and not finished pieces.

My two cents, so do whatever you want - it's your blog! (As long as you keep posting something!)
Tony C. said…
I always like to see all the stages of an artist's work. That's what has really attracted me to the blog community.

It used to be such a rarity to see new sketches and works from artists you admire. You had to remember to pick up their new book or find some piece from a fan site.

But now I get to see so many great artists produce something new every day. And I find it very exciting to see a loose sketch or phone doodle, because you get an insight to the artist's process.

It's tough to put something that's not "finished" out for the whole world to see, but those are the really cool things to see! Post as much as you can, but don't be afraid to post something that is a work in progress.
sarah said…
Thanks everyone for the good thoughts and encouragement.

I didn't mean to give the impression I'd no longer post sketchy stuff or early stages of work. But with a bit more leeway drawings would not be limited to one character as they generally are now, I'd be able to do more environmental work and it would give me the freedom to explore drawing subjects that are new to me... knowing that I'd have time to do several sketches to get it right :)

I will definitely still post very regularly. I like having a deadline of sorts. I will also keep up my hour story roughs, because those are meant to be story-board like :)
mauricio salmon said…
first of all, congrats on becoming an aunt! pascal mentioned some wise words, it's your blog you should feel comfortable with it. mixing it up is always nice, sketches, doodles finish pieces , it's all good. your work is amazing.
GhettoFab said…
either way you go I know that the results will always be stellar! Win / win situation. Now if you posted that you were stoppin altogether ...*shudder*

i dont want to even think about that...
I'm slow in posting and you've moved onto another post since, but my opinion is that you put up whatever you feel most comfortable exhibiting. Chicken scribbles or something more polished, old images or new - it's all treats to the folks who visit your blog; which, by their response, have a range of tastes when it comes to the stuff they like looking at when they do come to visit.

Me, I just like drawings. And yours, rough and/or finished, are awesome. Rock on, gal.


PS - this close-up of the image is great. The proportions are different and unconventional and I'm a proponent of both. Her eyes are how I would draw them (which I've been ribbed about in the past as being less 'predator' and more 'prey'). And the wider shot in your latest post is a dream. I hope this current project is consistently keeping you invigorated. Like I said, rock on.
CopperMollusk said…
As one matures in life, one learns to value quality over quantity...