Thought I'd draw something from the TV show that I've been half watching while working on the comic lately. Ended up looking a little like tinkerbell, but I think that's okay. I bet tinkerbell could slay some vamps.
Things are still looking all pretty on the cintiq yet blown out on the laptop. I threw the line drawing back in over this painting to make sure it reads on everyone else's monitors, but it's really just supposed to be the painting.


Gabriel said…
Really cool, even if I couldn't care less for Buffy.
Tom Saville said…
Man this is totally rockin! I had no idea Buffy could be so curvey...ooh la la!
BGOZ said…
Cool. You've inspired me, to do a sketch tonight.

Mistercharlie said…
Really nice. I totally dig your paintings.
And drawings!

I also might be able to help with the Cintiq trouble. You need to either calibrate the laptop or the Cintiq screen so they match. I'm not sure how you do this on a PC, but if you are using a Mac, use ColorSync Utility, in the Utilities folder.

Or, I'm guessing you could use some software supplied with the Cintiq to do this.
Anyhow, good luck!
Adrian Ropp said…
Just discovered your blog. I'm a huge Buffy fan, so now I just had to give you some props! I think it's a great interpretation!

Keep up the great work. I'll be back often.
mike said…
i love this one, sarah! i'm a buffy fan too, so that helps. :)
Breadwig said…
Excellent painting, I really dig it and the rest of your work a lot.

I bet you're liking the cintique. I use a tablet PC for my sketching and painting, it's similar thing, although it has the whole computer in it, so I can take it for sketching on trips in the van, sitting in the backyard, etc. Nothing like painting on the screen. Have you tried Alias Sketch?


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