The Dindle (Part 1)

So I plan to post the occasional story on the blog. I told my husband this story once while in a silly mood, and it ended up in that little library of stories in my head.


Mustashrik said…
hey there!

i just discovered your site, and what a great site of wonderful art it is ;)

keep it up!

oh and nice to make your acquaintence

Alina Chau said…
what a pretty lovely illo!
Jeremy said…
Love this.
Stick with it, and get some of your stories down on paper. I have a mental filing cabinent full as well... but with age I am afraid that some pages are falling out.

Always cool stuff on your blog.
Your cereal box kills!

tomsaville said…
these dindles intrigue me...tell me more.
Clay said…
Super psyched about finding your blog. Been a massive fan ever since I came across drawergeeks. Please keep it up!
Rod said…
Love your stuff! Great to see your blog up and running!

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