Chicken Boo

This is for drawergeeks in homage to my favorite animaniacs sketch.

Hey and thanks everyone so much for commenting on the daily posts. I really appreciate the feedback about the blog and website. Hurrah!


BGOZ said…
Awsome. A chicken, with the mind of a chicken, living as a man. I loved the Animaniacs.

Your sketches are very entertaining and clean. I wish my scans looked that good. Your work on drawergeeks is very cool. Keep it up.
laura said…
can i say 'awesome' too much in these comments?
i totally relate to this chicken. this morning when my boss was going over the figures of the week, all i could think was -what's for lunch today? i hope it's grain.-
tomsaville said…
I think he also worked with us at DNA. He may have directed for Team B, also.
tobbe said…
Nice! Do you draw with a blue pencil, or do you make it blue in photoshop?
sarah said…
Yay! Thanks everyone! I usually draw with col-erase blue or sometimes tuscan red. But I find when I clean up the scanned drawing I often take out all the colour at some point just to keep it clean. I'll then restore it to something close to the original colour after I get the levels/contrast right. So I guess I do both :)

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