The Dindle (Part 3)

Sorry for the delay in posting. Not only was the internet being stubborn, I had a lengthy adventure which included a little boy trying to steal my pencil sharpener at the Toyota dealership, running across two highway on-ramps and eating at a sketchy diner where I made the poor (or gutsy?) decision to chase pickles with chocolate milk.

Because everyone was so kind and encouraging yesterday, I gave painting another shot this morning. Happily the one character and simple background made things come together far quicker. Yay!

Oh and here's a picture of the Ant Bully panel at the San Diego Comic-Con that Tony took. Thankfully, I had no clue we were being projected up all Citizen Kane style until after it was over. From left to right we have Chris Consani, John Davis, Buck Lewis and myself. Bob Eggleton was on the panel too, just out of frame on the left.


stephen said…
Oh no! Poor Dindle!

I love these! I really like the pouncing dindle in the background of part 2 too, it's all really just too cute.
Jessie said…
Your Dindles somehow remind me of the sweetness of being in a candy store. :D

Thats really cool you got to be on the panel though! I think it'd be a tad intimidating to realize right behind you was giant you hah. Its like how I hate talking on the phone and getting the echo -- I can't even speak when I hear myself echo -- it's annoying.

Anyways -- thank you so much for the compliments! Tell your husband thank you too! :)
Jeremy said…
Awesome paint!
Keep painting... it will get quicker each time.
And you are already good at it!

It stinks I missed the con.
Next year...

Drawergeeks tomorrow!

tomsaville said…
Sarah's huge in San Diego. :D
i mensah said…
cool stuff. didn't even realise the antbully was gonna be promoted at the comicon.
I like the bunny alot.

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