First page!

Here's the first page of the graphic novel I'm working on... well technically it's the second page, but the first page didn't give me enough to work with when it came to establishing a look for the story. I finished two versions, because the first time round I came up with something that wasn't quite right; lots of line work and not all that painterly. Happily, the second way is also far quicker... one day's work opposed to three. I didn't bother putting in the dialogue, because I want to make a few small changes. Up till now, I've just been roughing things out. Here's the rough for this page:

I'll be at the Comic-con in San Deigo for most of next week, so aside from maybe Monday, I won't be updating the blog with new drawings. I'm hoping to draw something everyday while in California though, so I'll post all that when I get back.


its about time i find your blog hhaha. actually i saw some of your stuff on a weekly or monthly art jam. you have great work, and now ive seen it thanks to melmiltons blog..
tygriffin said…

I'm really curious to see what happens next. Will you be posting more pages?

I've got even more questions! :) I was just curious if you were developing your graphic novel with a publisher or planning on self-publishing? And if the art was being finished in Photoshop or Painter, both, or something else? Is the final art RGB or CMYK?

Have fun at ComicCon! Wish I was going this year...

Justin Ridge said…
Your art is really cool! You have a nice energy in your line work. Can't wait to see more of your graphic novel!
GhettoFab said…
great page and best of luck at the con cant wait to see your sketches when you get back
BGOZ said…
Looks good. First pages can be very hard. Do you have the story already written?

sarah said…
Yay! Thanks for the encouragement everyone :) I realize the characters have masks on, so it's not a great indication of their design.

Haven't quite decided what program I'm finishing the pages in, but I'm hoping to complete everything digitally using the cintiq. I also haven't really decided on RGB or CMYK... both seem to have drawbacks. This one is RGB though.

The story/script is written, and I'm about one fifth of the way through in roughs. I don't want to post everything, but I'll be sure to post the odd page as I finish them up :)

chia said…
wow! these are great!
You've got some great work here, its looking beautiful!
gasman said…
Sarah sarah sarah...
very nice color work. I love the depth as well. You gotta shoot me over the text of the novel. I'd love to give it a look over.

Better see you soon!



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