Was inspired by my flannel lawn gnome pajama pants. Thought this morning it might be nice to have some quick messy colour too.
For anyone who's ever read Rien Poortvliet's fantastic Gnomes book, you might like his lesser known Dog's book too. It's full of extremely pretty art.


Jeremy said…
Love this guy.
Whatever he is running from, must be pretty nasty.

And thanks for the kind comment on my blog.
Emial me sometime. I will be happy to tell you anything you want to know about how I work.

Take care,

Richard Oud said…
Yeah Sarah, I love this guy!
Did you knew Rien because some of your family is from the Netherlands or from something else?

Anyway, I grew up watching "David de kabouter" as he is called over here :) Love it!

Greets, International Richard
sarah said…
No way! There was a TV show? That's awesome!

Definitely it's a dutch thing... I grew up with a little pop-up version of the book I think I got from my grandparents. I remember in part of the book the kabouters had made a little bowling game with dried up rabbit poop.

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