Halloween Adventures '06!

(Click image for a bigger version!) Although I've been going like crazy trying to finish a project the last few weeks, I was able to take a break for two Halloween parties! Which means costumes! Yay! My favorite! It was my plan to be Dorothy this year from the Wizard of Oz because I already have ruby slippers... but because I've been so busy the rest of the costume never happened.

The pirate costume was for Deanna and Aaron's fantastic Halloween bash. I was, up until about fifteen minutes before leaving... having worked until that point, completely costume-less. But after discovering the hat in a box and rummaging around Stephen's closet, I was on my way. I think the key to a good pirate costume is putting on as much crap as you possibly can. Hopefully the sheer volume of costume parts will distract/confuse people and make them think it's a good pirate outfit you put lots of time into. I just realized I forgot to draw the winter scarf tied around one leg and note that under the shorts/boots were long stripey plundering socks.

The angel costume was for the crazy party we ended up having at our place Saturday (to celebrate the nigh-completion of the project I've been working on... two days to go!) After wandering around the crazy crowded Oak Lawn celebrations in Dallas (something I've never been to before) and even walking the parade, we headed back to our place where the ever talented Tony and Cruz had set up their dj stuff and spun records until six (or seven if you forget about daylight savings) in the morning. Our friend Scott brought over some people he met at another party and so we were even joined by an eerily accurate professional Austin Powers impersonator named Phil, who remained awesomely in character for a good hour or so.... teeth and all.

Enough writing me... I'll give more details on the project that's been kicking my butt in a couple days when it really is done :)


pascal said…
is that project for a book that starts with F, and finishes with T?

sarah said…
Yes! Yay!
Tony C. said…
I love the annotated costume sketch! It captures both costumes perfectly.

Thanks for dancing up a storm in those uncomfortable boots!
Anonymous said…
Jerod and myself agree...it's about darn time. About F and T I mean. :)
Anonymous said…
Hey, Sarah...I also took the "last minute" approach this past Saturday, and had a ball doing it. I've gone the other route in the past (flipping out over one costume and spending months on it), but I have to say: Winging it can really be alot of fun. I was just a general scary/freaking-looking guy, but I think the fun of it all was just getting such a great look without spending a ton of time (and MONEY) on it.

Loved your sketches. Could we be seeing the two sides of your personality there as well? (Bad vs. Good?) Kidding!

Oh yeah....partying til 7:00 AM? You crazy kids with all your energy.
Ryan Wood said…
Very nice sketch as usual, those faces are fantastic!
I like your stuff!
Anonymous said…
Love your style! Love it alot!

Thanks for visiting my blog
Marco Bucci said…
Cool! I can tell that you love costumes just by looking at these drawings.
hahaha...this is great!
Sean Galloway said…
beautiful works here. sarah. i LOVE your color palatte.
Vanhoozerbot said…
Fantastic costumes!
You know how I love seeing your pencils.

And "WOO HOO!" about your almost finished project.
That is exciting! I can't wait to see it.

mike said…
yay for costumes! these look so fun! and it sounds like you had fun to. :D

today is haloweeeeeeeeeeen!
sarah said…
Thanks everyone :) I hope everyone got to wear lots of silly costume clothes today/recently too!
The pirate thing is exactly what I did for Halloween! Threw on a bunch of random stuff in 15 minutes and it worked! :D Yay pirates!