Miss Portman

Sam Nielson suggested sketching Natalie Portman, so here's my attempt. It's weird how you just don't notice things about people's features until you try to draw them... like Natalie's crazy vulcanesque eyebrows.

Oh and it's the Grim Reaper on drawergeeks at 12 noon today, be sure to check it out. I've seen some pretty cool ones on other drawergeekers blogs :)


Sam Nielson said…
Pretty good likeness! Much better than any I did on the page I threw away.
pascal said…
god... Nathalie Portman seems like such a hard person to draw in any shape or form.
nice job Sarah
sarah said…
Thank you. I guess that ends my unofficial caricature week :)
Richtoon said…
beuatiful lines... I love the colours from the previous posts as well. Very appealing.

I have to start considering adding colour to my stuff. It just never occors to me. Please post more
Unknown said…
i've been really enjoying all these portraits you've been doing, i just love your line work.
Tanja said…
hey Sarah, here's that blog that I mentioned (art director):