Puss in Boots


pascal said…
my favorite character in Shrek Two
Vanhoozerbot said…
Lovin it.
From the hook of the feather, to the shaping of the sword. Nice work once again Sarah.

Damn you and your magic pencils!

Breadwig said…
wow, the flow of the lines in this one ROCKS! Beautiful.
Martin Hsu said…
This is awesome! very nice drawing!
Marco Bucci said…
Cool drawing - it has a nice flow to it
mike said…
AAW!! awesome! i love his feather!
Mish said…
very cool! i was trying to draw a character with a similar hat on last night...and failed miserably. :(
Anonymous said…
Very regal. My favorite touch is the huge feather in his hat. Points for incorporating actual cat anatomy in the leg area.
Kevin Cromwell said…
I really like this drawing. I've never trusted Puss in Boots myself, and I think the expression you gave him just hits dead on.

Ryan Wood said…
Elegant lines, very nice drawing!
Andrew Chan said…
Mmm.. I love the great amount of life in your sketches!
Anonymous said…
I love it and as everybdy elses says is has a

to it! :D
Anonymous said…
uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh... what were we talkin bout again??? oh, yeah! i just love your sketches sarah... how do you draw so great.... you suck!
..(not really)
Rione said…
Even though I'm not really leaving my name in here I have something to tell you:

Our class had to get some fairytale characters for this one project.
I didn't really know what to draw, and then I decided to draw your picture, since the work was suppose to be drawn through some other picture with a... Membrane?

Oh, well, nevermind that part, but still, I used this picture for it.

And my teacher told me to colour it the way I like and I made him a purple coat and a light grey fur.

And a purple hat with a yellow stripe, like your later works show.

I had no idea you coloured them almost the same way I did. Hah.

I'm sorry for using your picture without crediting from it. I just needed some picture and yours was the only one which looked enough hard/curvy/such, but not too simple. I hope you know what I mean.


Great sketch, love the red lines and shadings and stuff.
Appearantly you thinned his legs a bit later.

If you have a weird urge to find my, you can find my by the nickname KawaiiRion or Rione.

Don't judge me so harssly. I'm not adverstising myself eather.

~ Rione